Scan Abutments

Scan Abutments are designed for intra oral scanning or laboratory scanning of models to precisely transmit prosthetic information of the prepared teeth and exact implant(s) location. Scan abutments eliminate the need for physical impressions. The data is transmitted electronically to the lab for fabrication of CAD/CAM custom abutments.

ZrGen Abutments

The ZrGen abutment is a titanium base abutment that is offered in two tissue heights, 0.6mm and 1.5mm. Zirconia is fused onto this abutment to produce a custom CAD/CAM abutment for any implant system. This abutment can be used with a cementable or screw-retained design. This product offers superior strength as well as outstanding aesthetic results especially in the anterior region.

TiGen Abutments

TiGen Abutments can be milled to any design imaginable within certain parameters to conform to any type of implant placement. It provides superior strength as it is a solid piece of titanium designed specifically for your case.Contact your milling machine manufacturer for library availability.

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