The 911 kit was designed for urgent situations when either a screw or an implant fractures. The 911 kit will allow you to remove the fractured portion of the implant that remains in the bone and facilitate removal of fractured screws. The screw solver, the Trox Driver and the screw guide allow you to match the screw diameter and make fractured screw removal a much simpler and safer procedure. The 911 kit also allow screws to be removed that have stripped hexes by utilizing the Abutment Solver or the Hex Remover.

911 Fixture Removal Kit

Fixture Remover

  • Fixture Remover Screw: Single use only
  • Do not use in case of a gap in Fixture Remover

Remove the prosthesis from the fixture that is to be removed, and the surrounding bone.

Select a Fixture Remover Screw of the same size as the fixture internal screw. Use the Trox Driver to turn the screw clockwise (40Ncm-70Ncm) to place in the fixture. (Use of torque less than 40Ncm for M1.6, and 60Ncm for other products may lead to loosening.)

Select a Fixture Remover that fits the fixture diameter. Turn the Fixture Remover Screw counterclockwise until it touches the fixture. (For a torque of greater than 300Ncm, it is recommended to use a Trephine bur.)

Fixture and Fixture Remover are tightly connected as rising force and descending force are combined. (Suction is needed as you may have debris on removal of a fixture.)

Using Torque Wrench, turn counter clockwise and pull out fixture and Fixture Remover. (No more than maximum torque per fixture.)

Removed fixture can be pulled out by turning the Fixture Remover and fixture clockwise while holding onto vice plier.

Abutment Remover

  • Can use for abutments that use M1.8 & 2.0 screws.
  • Cannot use for abutments that use M1.6 & M2.5.

Insert the Abutment Remover in the fractured abutment hole.

Use the Ratchet Wrench to turn clockwise in order to join the abutment and the Abutment Remover as one body. (Ratchet Wrench is included in surgical kit)

Move the Abutment Remover sideways while pulling up to remove it. (Use of excessive force may traumatize the fixture or the bone.)

Secure the separated abutment in a vice or vice pliers. Use the Ratchet Wrench to turn clockwise to separate the abutment with the Abutment Remover.

Hex Remover

  • Can use for abutments that use M1.8 & 2.0 screws.
  • Cannot use for abutments that use M1.6 & M2.5.

In case Abutment Screw, Cover Screw or Healing Abutment’s hex is fractured:

Use the Ratchet Wrench to turn clockwise to join the abutment with the Abutment Remover as one body. (Use a torque of less than 40Ncm. Ratchet Wrench is included in surgical kit.)

Place the removed abutment in the vice. Use the Ratchet Wrench to turn clockwise to separate the abutment with the Hex Remover.

Screw Remover

Remove the broken Abutment Screw and the abutment.

Select the correct Screw Remover Guide that fits the fixture connection to join.

Secure the Screw RemoverGuide and insert the Screw Holder in the Screw Remover Guide hole.

Push the Screw Remover downwards while rotating counterclockwise to separate it from the fixture internal screw. (RPM: 30-50, Torque: 30Ncm)

Remove the pieces of broken screw from the fixture internal screw using forceps.

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