SmartTouch Dispenser

Dispensing VPS impression material has never been this easy. With the SmartTouch Auto Dispenser, you have the power of a countertop unit in the palm of your hand. No more hand fatigue that occurs with manual hand-dispenser guns, or running back and forth from your countertop dispenser to the operatory.

SmartTouch is faster, lighter, portable and the one-touch operation makes it easy to use, whether in your hand or mounting stand.

  • Wireless and rechargeable
  • Powerful, light and compact
  • Full tray loading in only 10 seconds
  • Mechanical drive ensures even, bubble-free mix
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SmartTouch Impression Material

Designed for the SmartTouch Auto Dispenser, our VPS impression material combines excellent flow and detail reproduction with easy handling and great value. The SmartTouch VPS formulation eliminates reflection so every impression is fully scannable and saves you from making an additional investment in CAD/CAM equipment. SmartTouch VPS helps ensure that you’ll capture greater detail for better and faster impressions that you and your dental lab will love.

All SmartTouch
impressions are
fully scannable


SmartTouch VPS –
Light Body/Heavy Body
Dual Phase Impression

  • Ideal for all crown, bridge and implant impressions
  • Hydrophilic chemistry flows evenly over tooth, implant and oral tissues to capture greater detail
  • Unique formulation is fully scannable with all scanners
  • Patients will love the cool mint flavor

SmartTouch VPS impression material is available in both 120ml and 50ml cartridges.

  • Jumbo 120ml Cartridge for Heavy and Regular Body Viscosities
  • 50ml Cartridges for Light and Regular Body
  • Choice of Fast Set (2:00) or Regular Set (3:30) perfect for any clinical situation
  • One SmartTouch 120ml cartridge is equivalent to nearly 2 ⅓ traditional 50ml cartridges
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